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What is the LPO?

The LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) is an Association of 1901 whose headquarters is located in the Foundries Royales in Rochefort. It is one of the first associations for the protection of nature in France. It acts on a daily basis to safeguard biodiversity, based on its primary role in bird protection.
The LPO was created in 1912 to put an end to the massacre of the Puffin monk in Brittany, a seabird that has since become its symbol. It was recognized as being of public utility in 1986. It is directed by Yves Vérilhac and presided over by Allain Bougrain-Dubourg.
The LPO is the French representative of BirdLife International , a global alliance that brings together more than 100 nature conservation organizations (2.3 million members worldwide).
Its activity revolves around three main missions :
- Species Protection : through the assessment of species status through inventories and surveys; Through the implementation of Action Plans aimed at the conservation of the most endangered species; By the Mission Rapaces, which aims to preserve all the raptor populations and to plan reintroductions for the weakest populations and by the program Wildlife in Distress which consists in caring for the animals in order to release them in their environment.
- The Preservation of Spaces : The LPO manages 169 natural areas, including 12 National Nature Reserves and 7 Natural Regional Reserves, is active in 507 Natura 2000 sites, participates and positions itself for sustainable agriculture and is a partner of the European FAME program. The aim is to increase knowledge and means of protection of the marine environment along the Atlantic coast.
- Education and awareness-raising : the LPO publishes naturalist magazines and organizes educational and awareness-raising activities for schoolchildren or the general public to discover the secrets of nature, its vulnerability and the means of protecting it.
"From the vineyards to the causses, from the coast to the garrigues,
Actors on a daily basis for the protection of biodiversity
On the territory of Hérault "
Initiated by an LPO relay in 2001 and then by an LPO group in 2003, a local association un 2006, since 2021 we are a "Délégation Territorale" of the association LPO Occitanie, with a network of members of 1261 members in 2023 in Herault who work for birds, Wildlife, nature and humans and fight against the decline of biodiversity through knowledge, protection, education and mobilization.
LPO Occitanie  Délégation Territoriale Hérault is chaired by Pierre Maigre and directed by Nicolas Saulnier. It has a Board of Directors composed of 18 members of Territorial Council.
200 active volunteers and 17 employees are involved in the various poles of action:
- Community life
- Conservation
- Expertise
- Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development
- Administrative
LPO Occitanie Délégation Territorial Hérault inaugurated the opening of its premises and its Regional Center for the Safeguarding of Wildlife on 23 June 2012. Its regional headquarters is now located in Villeveyrac.
To contact LPO Occitanie DT Hérault:


> By phone
- Care Unit of the Regional Center for the Safeguarding of Wildlife >04 48 20 43 11
In summer: Monday to Sunday (9 am-1pm)
- Expertise, conservation, Environmental education, training, community life, Secretariat, accounting, gifts and bequests> employees
From Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm

> By e-mail : herault [at]

> By mail :
LPO Occitanie DT Hérault
Regional Center for the Safeguarding of Wildlife,
15, rue du Faucon kestrel


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